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Rent To Own Storage Buildings OKC

Our Norman, Oklahoma family-owned company builds sheds to suit all your backyard storage needs. Whether you need storage for your toys, motorcycle storage, tool shed or additional detached garage. 

We have storage buildings to suit your needs from our 8x12’ backyard sheds for garden tools, all the way up to 14x42 detached garages, She-Sheds, portable modular office buildings to run your business. Our storage buildings also work as remote work offices or artist studios.

Free delivery in Oklahoma City and within a 50-mile radius of any of our model storage buildings lots. Rent to own and no credit checks!

Call us today at 1-866-610-9608.

We have storage building lots located in 

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  • $500 Off Any 14’ Wide sTORAGE buildings

  • $250 off any 12x30’ or larger bULDING


  • $1 upgrade to Advantech fLOORING

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is a backyard shed?

Our backyard sheds Oklahoma base prices range anywhere from $2100 for an 8x12’ shed small enough to fit in a typical suburban backyard to $12,000+ for a 14x42' to fit in bigger lot sizes. 

We offer many custom options such as Electric packages, floor insulation, windows and door sizes that may affect your final price. Please contact one of our storage building lots near you to get the exact price for what you need. 

How much are storage buildings?

The price of our storage buildings will greatly depend on the size you need. If you have a small backyard and need something for your gardening equipment storage or additional space for sports kits, your price will start at about $2100 for an 8x12.

If you need a large detached garage or portable office building then that price will also vary. The best way to give you an estimate it for you to call or visit one of our lots to pick the right storage building for your needs and get the correct quote. 

How much does it cost to build a 12x20 shed?

The prices of our 12x20 sheds range from $4,700+ depending on the options you pick. We have custom choices such as windows and/or door sizes to pick from that will affect your final price for your shed.

Do I Need A Permit For My Storage Building?

The answer to this question will depend greatly on your address. If you live in the country outside of any city limits and have no HOA, you may very well not need a permit.

Oklahoma cities all have different requirements. For example, Oklahoma city may and may not require a permit for a storage building. The city recommends calling their Oklahoma City Plan Review at 405-297-2525 to get a straight answer.

If you live in Norman, Ok, here is a quote from the city's site about permits.

"In general, all storage buildings (accessory buildings) over 108 square feet require a building permit. If the accessory building has a permanent foundation, however, a permit is required regardless of size. A foundation is not required for an accessory building less than 400 square feet that is not heated for habitable space. If a permit is not required, the property owner is still responsible for locating the accessory building within the minimum zoning setbacks and that its height does not exceed the height of the main dwelling unit."

Please make sure to routinely check their site or better yet call the Norman City Permit Staff at 405-366-5339 as this information can change at any time.

For the city of Edmond, OK their answer to storage building permits is as follows:

When is a building permit required?

Anytime you are adding to or removing the structural framework of a building due to remodeling, a fire restoration or similar situations, it will require you to purchase a building permit. If you are building or purchasing a detached structure to be located on your property for a garage, barn or storage purposes and it exceeds 200 square feet, you are required to purchase a building permit.”

Their website is linked here. Please make sure to check this often as well as this information can and will change at any time.

Of course, the neighborhood you live in may also have its own set of rules HOA rules. Please be sure to check in with them to get updated rules.