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Mini Greenhouse

Our mini greenhouses come standard floorless, with double-wall polycarbonate, one walk through door, and one auto-opening end wall vent. This size growing facility is perfect for the enthusiast who wants an ideal growing environment. Double-walled polycarbonate construction with a walk-through door and one auto opening wall vent on the opposite end. Available sizes for the mini-greenhouse are 6’x10’ and 6’x14’. Anchors are available and recommended for the mini greenhouse. Personalize your mini-greenhouse with the distinctive colors that are offered in our regular sizes. Make it yours with unique trim colors.


Our regular sized greenhouses come standard floorless, a water hookup, double-wall polycarbonate, one walk through door, and one auto-opening end wall vent. The standard greenhouse from Quality Buildings comes in five different sizes, from 8’x10’ to our enormous 12’x20’ model. Larger sizes are perfect for growing crops on a production scale. We offer each greenhouse size with a host of standard features. Regular-sized greenhouses are floor-less with water hookups with a polycarbonate double-walled construction. We provide a walk-through door with a picture window and an auto-opening wall vent for one end of your greenhouse. Choose from a variety of distinctive colors such as ivory or charcoal and burnished slate and light stone. Our greenhouses are trimmed with either Galvalume or Copper Penny. Choose the wainscot option for any of the standard sizes, plus additional auto-vents are available. Anchors are available and recommended. Remember, delivery is free for any Quality Buildings structure within a 30-mile radius of our sales lot.

Greenhouses for Sale In Oklahoma

Custom options or standard package, Quality Buildings offers a perfect Greenhouse for the enthusiast or entrepreneur. Our greenhouse models come with a host of standard features and available options that make setup and production a breeze.

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