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Warranty Guidelines

Discounted Products: All products that are discounted 15 % or more are sold AS-IS and have no implied warranty.

Pre-Owned Products: Our warranty covers the original purchaser only. All previously owned products are sold AS-IS and have no implied warranty.

New Products: Quality Buildings Inc. provides a warranty to the original purchaser that all Quality Buildings products are free from defects in material and workmanship upon delivery. We will repair or replace any component(s) that does not provide reasonable service under normal use, for a period of 10 years from the date of construction. This warranty shall not apply to any Quality Buildings product or any part thereof which has been damaged by fire, flood, water, earthquake, hail, wind, insects, vandalism, theft, or any other acts of God. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, alterations, or improper maintenance. As with any large product that is placed on the ground, settling may occur. We are not responsible for settling or any issues that arise as a result of settling. Also, we, as the manufacturer, shall not be responsible for the natural characteristics of some wood to warp, split, or twist. In addition, the warranties given by the individual product manufacturers are extended to the original purchaser to include the following items:

5/50-year pro-rated warranty on LP siding

• Limited lifetime paint warranty on metal panels

• Limited Warranty on treated skids and joists

Our 10 – Year Warranty is as follows:

1-Year from the Date of Construction: Parts, Labor, and Transportation are included.

2-3 Years from the Date of Construction: Parts and Labor are included however the purchaser is responsible for Transportation costs.

4-10 Years from the Date of Construction: Parts are included however the purchaser is responsible for Labor and Transportation costs.

How to Submit a Warranty Claim:

Please submit a claim by submitting a Warranty Request Form.


90 Days Same as Cash Guidelines:

This promotion is only available at select times throughout the year and applies to lease purchases.  Monthly payments must be made on time and the account must stay in good standing for the duration of the 90 Days in order to qualify.

Repair Tutorials

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