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No Business Like Snow Business

Venture west of Oklahoma City and you may come across the little town of Cordell, the seat of Washita County. There you will find, nestled under the branches of a huge pecan tree, you will find Pecan Creek Café & Catering business owned by Chad Igo. Like so many Americans, Chad is an entrepreneur through and through. As an active part of his community, he volunteers for events, supports local first responders, donates to fundraisers, and in general does his best to contribute to making his world a better place.

The town of Cordell is like hundreds of others in rural America. From time to time restaurants open and close, but Chad’s little Pecan Creek Café has proudly been open for 12 years and counting. Thanks to the support of the oilfield industry across Oklahoma, Pecan Creek Café has grown to include a number of kitchen trailers, a small café, and now plans for a snow cone stand with a pizza kitchen inside.

“We have been so blessed to have been embraced by businesses affected by our positive economy.” explains Chad.
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