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Food Truck Tuesdays in Purcell, OK

Our Purcell Sales Manager, Josh, has partnered with local food trucks to bring delicious food to the town of Purcell every Tuesday. Our Purcell location is located at 2010 Green Ave., directly across from Wal-Mart, which helps bring traffic to the lot and trucks. Josh is always looking for ways to connect in the community so when he saw Rachel and Joe's food trucks, he knew he had to ask if they were interested in setting up at his lot from time to time.

As Rachel and Joe set up for the lunch rush, I asked a few questions to understand their business a little better. Rachel, inspired by her grandmother's cooking, is the owner of Maco's Indian Tacos truck. The main dish offered at Maco's are Indian Tacos, but she offers hotdogs, Frito chili pie, and dessert too. I asked how her partnership with Josh has benefited her business. She described their relationship as easy going, friendly, and she loves that her customers can be entertained by looking around the sales lot while they wait for their food. If not in Purcell, you can find Maco's Indian Tacos in Wayne, Washington, and Lexington. You can keep up with Rachel and Maco's Indian Tacos by joining their Facebook group, Maco's Indian Taco VIP Group. You don't want to miss out on Rachel's own fry bread recipe. If you are looking for authenticity, Maco's is it.

Joe, previously employed in the oilfield, turned his hobby into a business and started Meat Monkey. Meat Monkey offers pulled pork, brisket, ribs, hotdogs, tacos, burgers, and an array of tasty sides. Joe enjoys having a steady location to park at, as well as the traffic he gets from being off of Green Ave. When Joe's not parked at Purcell, you can find him and the Meat Monkey truck in Maysville and Washington. You can keep up with Joe and Meat Monkey by liking his page on Facebook here.

If you are ever nearby Purcell and would like some great food while supporting a small business, definitely check out Maco's Indian Tacos and Meat Monkey. Don't forget to take a look at our Quality Buildings while you are there!

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