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Greenhouse... Your Winter Garden Savior

Burr… definitely feels like winter time. I don’t know about you but I’ve been dreaming of summer days when I can go out into my garden and pick a fresh, home grown, tomato right off the vine. I get the urge to plant and tend my garden during the winter and I found the perfect solution to my dilemma, a greenhouse!

Greenhouses are capable of growing food year round in most climates even in the heart of winter. It can withstand freezing temperatures, all while keeping the plants inside from Mr. Jack Frost’s icy grip.

What I love about Quality Buildings' greenhouses:

1. They have a double wall polycarbonate to keep the heat in and the cold out. Most places will tell you to just go ahead and insulate with bubble wrap. Why would you create more work for yourself when you can purchase a product that already has insulation.

2. Electric packages are available. With these electrical packages, you can use heaters, lamps, or anything else you may need. Sometimes, you just need to add some heat to keep temperatures warm enough. If you are going to use a heater, please make sure to keep the heater in a central spot that is least likely to encounter water.

3. One of my most favorite features would have to be the water hookup. I love that it has a faucet that I can quickly connect my water hose to and water all the plants easily.

4. A drawback of heating your greenhouse is the increasing humidity it causes. Good ventilation is key to keeping your plants healthy and free from spread of fungal diseases. A good rule of thumb would be to water sparingly and only in the morning. Excess humidity can be cleared by the auto opening vent that is standard with all our greenhouses.

5. If you ever worry about the sun beating down on your precious plants, there is also an add on feature that is called “garden house.” It is where part of the greenhouse has metal for the roof and smart panel siding for the walls to shade your beauties from too much sun. Speaking of temperatures, you can purchase a fan package that will automatically turn on when the temperature of the greenhouse exceeds a temperature that is set.

6. If you have a greenhouse, you can defy nature. A greenhouse would be a great place for your propagator and start your seeds for spring. Good choices for seeds would be spinach, onions, broad beans, peas, & kale.

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