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6 Organization Hacks for Portable Buildings

As a homeowner, a portable building can play a crucial role in your organization system. It allows you to take the heat off your home and create a dedicated space for storing specific items. Whether you need a tool, appliance or a weed wacker, you need to find it as soon as you need it. To keep your area looking pristine, we’ve put together a list of six organization hacks for portable buildings.

1. INCORPORATE SHELVING. When you’re limited on storage space, the only way to go is up. Modify your portable building with shelving to free up floor space. Not only will you be able to stash more, but visually, it’ll expand the look of your room.

Do we have any woodworking enthusiasts out there? If you’re looking for the ultimate way to store your power tools (and annoying cords), click here.

2. STASH TOOLS IN BOXES AND BINS. From pesticides to paint sprays and loose tools, stash away smaller items in boxes and bins to avoid losing them. As you organize your shed, establish specific bins to keep each item. This will save you time digging around in the future.

3. USE HANGING JAR ORGANIZERS. If you have a toolset, you probably have an extensive set of screws, nails, tacks and bolts. Just like loose items, hardware can easily be lost if you don’t have an organized system in place. Keep these in pull out drawers or smaller tackle boxes. This will keep them out of the way and off the floor.

4. INSTALL A PEGBOARD SYSTEM. We mentioned considering vertical shelves, but a pegboard system is an equally fantastic alternative for hanging gardening, woodworking or construction supplies. This would be a perfect home for the tools you find yourself using most often. Our team recommends using lathe screws to prevent tear from heavier items. Click below for the full tutorial!

5. ORGANIZE YOUR GARDEN TOOLS. Do you have a bit of a green thumb? Yard tools like rakes, shovels and pitchforks take up ample space — not to mention, they’re always falling down. To keep them organized and upright, simply carve divots into a long plank of wood and screw it into the wall for a quick DIY tool rack.

6. KEEP THE HOSES AND CORDS OFF THE GROUND. It’s so easy to trip on items when they don't have designated spots. Save yourself the headaches (and stubbed) toes by keeping hoses and cords off the floor. Just gather some hooks to get started!

Portable buildings are great for freeing up space but often encounter area constraints of their own. But with these six organization hacks, you’ll be able to declutter, sort and free up square footage in no time.

Ready to organize your storage shed? Contact one of your dealer experts to order your building today.

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