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Frequently asked questions about Quality Buildings, our rent to own program, etc.



Do I need good credit?

No. We do not run a credit check.

Do I need to make a Down Payment?

No down payment is required for storage buildings. However, down payments are required for all other products. Please consult the product catalog for specifics.

Can your products be customized?

Yes. All products we offer have unique options available. Please consult the product catalog for all available options. 

Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes. All products we offer come with a warranty. Please consult the product catalog for specific warranty information. 

Will I need a permit?

Permit requirements vary from city to city so therefore the customer is urged to contact their local government to find out if a permit will be required. Please consult your homeowners association if applicable. 

What if a storage building or SWING SET will not fit through my gate?

Swing sets can be built on-site with installation, but currently we do not offer build-on-site for storage buildings, greenhouses or chicken coops.

What do I need to do to prepare my site for my new storage building?

Customer is responsible to provide a clear path to the site. The site will need to be reasonably level (within 12"). Our buildings are built with treated skids and can bet set directly on the ground. Treated blocks are provided at no charge to the level building.

I am preparing a concrete slab for my building, what size should I plan to pour?

Plan to pour the slab to exactly the width of the building that you are purchasing. For the length of the building, pour the slab one foot (12”) shorter than the length of the building to allow for the building’s overhang.

How do I pay my bill online?

First time users need to request access to our payment system by calling 866-610-9608. Once your accounts has been set-up, you can log in to the system using the PAY ONLINE link at the top right corner of the website.

How do I order touch up paint for my storage building?

Order a can of free touch up paint here.

Can I get replacement parts for my building, even if it is out of warranty?

Yes. We’re so glad to hear that your building outlived it’s hardware. To request replacements, submit a parts request and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

How do I have my building moved?

You can contact us at 866-626-4165 to request a move estimate.

Where should I mail my payment?

P.O. Box 6079, Norman, OK 73070