Quality Buildings
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Frequently asked questions about Quality Buildings, our rent to own program, etc.



Do I need good credit?

No. We do not run a credit check. 

Are your products customizable?

Yes. All products we offer have unique options available. Please consult the product catalog for all available options. 

Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes. All products we offer come with a warranty. Please consult the product catalog for specific warranty information. 

Will I need a permit?

Permit requirements vary from city to city so therefore the customer is urged to contact their local government to find out if a permit will be required. Please consult your homeowners association if applicable. 

What if a storage building or playset will not fit through my gate?

All products that we offer, apart from storm shelters, can be built on site for an additional fee. 

What do I need to do to prepare my site for my new storage building?

Customer is responsible to provide a clear path to the site. The site will need to be reasonably level (within 12"). Our buildings are built with treated skids and can bet set directly on the ground. Treated blocks are provided at no charge to the level building.