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The Next Big Thing In Storage Buildings


We are thrilled to announce that we now offer 24'' x 10''  transom windows as an addition to any building.  Add one to your custom building and you will be delighted with all it adds to your shed!

transom window

What are transom windows you may ask? We have the answer.

A transom window is a horizontal window that can be placed above a door or at the top of a wall to provide additional light into a structure. The transom windows we offer are single pane tempered glass windows with a vertical grid. A transom window added to your new custom building will add more than just the aesthetic pleasure but will give you a brilliant source of natural light pouring into your building.

transom window

Order your transom window today for an instant lift to any customized building you order.

For more information regarding this add on feature, visit your local Quality Buildings Lot.