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Swing Set Maintenance: 10 Ways to Get It Done


There are certainly many benefits to having a swing set for your children. In order to continue each year with a beautiful swing set, there are a few things that will need upkeep.

Here are 10  ways to keep your swing set in top-notch shape from year to year

Perform a Annual Inspection

In order to keep your wooden swing set in proper working order, mark your calendar to give it a once-over each year.  Check each area carefully for anything that might be out of order.

Tighten Bolts

Tightening bolts is essential for safety. Check every single bolt on the swing set to make sure it is tightened. 

Swing Chains

Over time, swing chains may become stiff and squeaky. A simple solution would be to use an aerosol oil that would lubricate the chain. If you do this, be sure to wipe down the chains so they are not slippery.

Replace Rotten Wood

Be sure and check every piece of wood. The rock climbing ramp and the legs often are the first to weather. Replacing them is a simple task.


While your cedar swing set is weather resistant, you will need to check all the wood surfaces for rough patches. If any were to be found, sand the rough patches down with a heavy grit sandpaper.


Staining the wood will bring beautiful color back to the wood and refresh the look. 


Sealing the cedar ensures many more years of use. By sealing your swing set, you are protecting it from erosion, bugs, and weatherproofing it.  Sealing will need to be performed every 1-2 years.

Play Area

Ground cover is imperative for the safety of your little ones.  If you don't have ground cover, consider mulch, pea gravel, or sand. Rubber mulch is the winner in our books. It also lasts far longer than other alternatives.

Replacement Parts

Did you know you can order replacement parts for your wooden swing set? If you ever need a part replaced, contact us on our WARRANTY page.


Sometimes you just got to get in there and roll up your sleeves. Cleaning your swing set is fairly easy and can be done with soap, a rag, and a water hose or power washer. This is great to do because face it, our little ones don't need any help finding dirt.

We hope that you’ve learned a bit about maintaining your swing set. If you have any tips, leave them in the comment section.

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