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How To Prepare For Inclement Weather


One of the best ways that you can prepare for a storm is to have adequate protection.  Find a company you trust that has many years of experience in this field.  These experienced companies will be able to guide you to what suits your needs.  There are many options out there and shelters to consider include:  slope front shelters, below ground flat top (pictured below) safe rooms, and  underground garage floor shelters. Choose what works best for you and fits your families needs. 

Another easy way that you can prepare for storm season would be to clean out your storm shelter. It is also important to  have a place to sit in your storm shelter. A small bench would work just fine. You would be able to utilize the storage space under the bench to store bottled water , battery powered lights, and a weather radio.  It's a smart plan to keep a storm bag packed with essentials like travel sized toothpaste, a toothbrush, protein bars, and a change of clothing.

It is always best to err on the side of caution whenever a  severe storm is approaching. Don't wait until there is a tornado  within sight to head to your storm shelter. When you know there is a chance of bad weather, keep an eye on the news and  allow yourself plenty of time for you and your loved ones to make it to a safe place.  One last thing to remember is to register your shelter with the local authorities. When you register your shelter, your name and address will be placed on a list. I hope this is never the case, but if your are ever trapped in your storm shelter, this will help the rescue teams to locate  you. Wishing safety for you this storm season!

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