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Easy Moving Tips & Tricks


At Quality Buildings we are experts when it comes to storage, organization and optimizing your outdoor space. Put our experience to work for you when it comes to preparing for and pulling off an effortless move. Here are some ways that you can make it happen:

Create a Plan

  • Schedule Your Move - Schedule your move for the middle of the month, or middle of the week to cut costs. It’s cheaper to move then!

  • Budget - Leave nothing to chance.

  • Shop Around - The more estimates that you receive for moving-related services, the better the odds that you will save some money come moving day.

  • Sort Out the Details - Plan for where you movers can park the truck, how they can best access your home, and if there are any time limitations on parking or moving hours.

  • Plan Your Meals - For the 2-3 weeks leading up to your move, plan your meals around whatever frozen food, perishable items or open food in your kitchen. It is always best not to waste food you’ve already purchased.

  • Checklist - LifeStorage Blog has a comprehensive moving checklist

  • Moving Notices - Submit your change of address through the post office at least 2 weeks prior to your move date. Schedule moving your utility services at least 1 week prior to moving.

  • Plugged In - Take a photo of the back of your television or other electronic devices. That way you’ll know exactly how they need to be set up in your new place.

How to Optimize Packing

  • Purge - Moving is a great opportunity to take stock of the items in your home. Separate items into keep, donate, sell and trash.

  • Make Some Money - Items that will no longer have a place in your new home can be sold at a garage sale or sold to a local thrift store.

  • Measure Twice - If a piece of furniture can’t fit into your new home, it’s time to get rid of it.

  • Boxed In - The best boxes are still free ones. Most grocery stores do their stocking overnight, so coordinate with your local store to find out the most convenient time to pick up empty boxes before they are crushed for recycling.

  • Keep them Hanging - While your clothes are still hanging in the closet, put them inside a trash back to make unpacking simple.

  • Multipurpose Packaging - Instead of newspaper or packing peanuts, use your clothing and linens. Put stemware and classes inside socks, towels between plates, sheets to wrap lamps, etc. Fill up pots and pans with spices containers, dish towels and other kitchen items to save space. Put knives or other sharp objects inside oven mitts to prevent injury.

  • Wrap it Up - Use plastic wrap to keep items in their current container. For instance, wrap your utensils in your drawer organizer.

  • Loose Screw - As you disassemble furniture, keep loose screws and hardware affixed on a piece of packing tape. Simply stick the tape to one of the loose pieces to keep it together.

  • Pack Every Day Prior to Moving - Set aside at least 1-2 hours every day in the 2-3 weeks leading up to your move to sort and pack items. Don’t wait until the last week, or worse yet - the LAST DAY to pack.

  • Keep it Light - Don’t over pack. If you can’t pick up a box on your own, it’s too heavy. The heavier the item, the smaller the box should be. And, use straps when moving heavy pieces of furniture.

  • Prepare for Day One - Create a specially labeled box filled with important essentials like towels, toilet paper, sheets, hand soap, paper towels, etc.

  • Keep it Close - Keep valuables like your cash, social security card, jewelry, prescription medications, etc. on you during the move day.

Before You Move In

  • First In, Last Out - Make sure to communicate with your movers about which boxes you will need first at your new home.

  • Clean - If possible, clean the bathroom and kitchen in your new place before you move in.

  • Prepare for Unpacking - Designate an area for any items you unpack that can be donated. Unpack your boxes in the rooms that they belong, preventing constant back and forth trips around the house.

Once You’ve Unpacked

  • Expand Your Space - Keep your new home organized by expanding your outdoor living and storage space with a storage building.

  • Talk to an Expert - Locate your nearest Quality Buildings dealer to discuss your storage building options.