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Why Is Everyone Talking About A Carport With A Storage Shed Attachment?


Why Is everyone talking about carports with storage shed attachments? Well… because we all want the best of both worlds. We want our car protected but we would also like an area to protect our most important stuff. Que carports with storage shed attachments. Carports are surprisingly a versatile product. We must protect our larger valuables like, vehicles, boats, and lawn mowing equipment. We also need an outdoor storage building.  How exciting to mesh the two together and have not only a metal carport, but also a small metal building for storage all rolled into one. A plethora of goodies could easily be housed in the storage portion of the carport.


Basic things like whether you choose wood or metal are important, but there are a few additional items that you might have not taken into consideration. There are several aspects that should be considered when searching for your perfect carport. Today we are going to guide you through the different features a carport with a storage shed attachment might have. Our customers have so graciously shared with us that it is imperative to choose a carport that is somewhat larger than your expected desideratum. You never know when you can use a few extra feet for your storage needs.

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Not only can you store your vehicle under your carport, but you can also purchase an enclosed storage add-on. Carport canopies come with many options including but not limited to; side entry doors, heavy duty metal siding and roof, a roll-up garage door,and a wide selection of custom sizing and colors. Sometimes you just need to grab something out of the shed and head out the door. The walk in door makes it ideal for quick in and out access for smaller items that you need. Shelving could be a grand renovation that would pay for itself over and over again. And what of a roll-up door you say? Well, we have one of those as well! You can easily access your lawn mower, your garden hose, rakes and  shovels.

One of the most important things to think about is the foundation for your carport. We always try to inform customers to confirm their concrete slab is level before scheduling a carport install.  If you are going to be having the carport foundation poured, It is imperative that you choose a reputable company that has experience with concrete slab. Inexperienced concrete companies can ruin your foundation, and cause puddles to form in the middle of your carport. The carports metal framework and roof are made of quality material and that makes it structurally sound. Rust resistant coating that is applied also elongates the need to replace the metal for many, many, years. The galvanized carport leg posts are sturdy and can withstand up to 110-120 mph winds. So there you have it! A small guide to the different features that are available for carports. We hope you were able to learn something and If you have any questions please to ask in the comment section.

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