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5 Great Reasons to Buy a Carport


When thunderstorms kick up in the great plains, a sudden hail storm can often appear with little to no notice at all. Your home provides security of your family, your property and investments outside deserve the same type of protection from the storm.

The Financial End of Things

Outside of our home, our cars are our second largest investments. Cars kept under a carport maintain a higher resale value than those left directly in the elements. Additionally, insurers receive a discount for vehicles stored under a carport.

We often see traditional carports used in nontraditional ways across various industries. Offering the coverage of a carport to your livestock could make the difference between keeping or losing money after the storm.

Ultimate Storage Solution

Eagle Carports 7.JPG

Our most popular models of carports are combo units which feature a small storage unit on the far end of the carport. The versatility a carport can provide is very appealing to people looking for multiple solutions. Other multi-function metal buildings include RV storage, garages, office, lean-tos, and more.

Completely Custom

We offer over 1,000 color combinations so you are able to customize a carport or building for your specific needs and use requirements. The versatility that your custom metal building provides will add value and beautiful aesthetics to your property.

Easy to Purchase

Getting into a new metal building couldn’t be easier. Contact your local dealer, design the carport or metal building that you need, make a 20% down payment, and the installer will be there to set-up your structure in about 4-6 weeks. Go from drawing to completion before the next storm strikes.