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3 Fall Tips About Your Backyard Chicken Coop That You Can't Afford To Miss


1. Laying By Spring?

chicken coop

Did you know that you can purchase chicks right now,  put them in a coop and they will be laying come spring? It’s easy. All you need to start out with is a few chicks. By carefully monitoring them you can keep them toasty for the coming season. From a door that can keep the chicks inside the warm nesting area, to an apparatus that will keep the vent shut until temperatures reach 90 degrees, your feathered friends will stay warm and protected throughout all the chilly winter months. Be sure to include a heat lamp to keep your brood warm.

2. Beat The Winter Blues

chicken coop

Every Fall and Winter, 20% of Americans are affected by S.A.D.   You don’t have to hang with the 20 percenters! Cheer up with a chicken. Chickens are quite the little entertainers and by taking care of your little chicks throughout the winter, you will  have a fun activity that will bring you right out of the “winter blues”. See this article on how you can keep your chicks busy and avoid feeling sad. Who would be sad after seeing the feathered cuties running around pecking at a tennis ball?

3. Plant Grasses and Legumes

Chicken coop

Now is the time to plant food for your chickens to eat. Chickens feed on seeds, grub worms, insects, especially grasshoppers, and some grass.“Poultry will consume up to 30 percent of their body weight in forage when it is available,” according to the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, based in Oklahoma.So it is extremely imperative that you plant the most nutritious grasses and legumes that will grow in your growing zone.

Good luck this winter with your little brood. Let us know in the comments about your winter plan for chicks!

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