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Charm For Your Storm Shelter - Is It Worth It?


So we have talked about the “How and Why” of a storm shelter Here.

Today I'm going to show you how easy it is to change that dull tornado shelter into beautiful landscape.

Are you seriously considering a storm shelter but disliking the idea of how it will look in your yard? With just a few tools you can achieve a stunning landscape!

Whether you prefer a more simple landscaping rock design, or you have a plethora of flowers to plant, this plain cellar can be transformed into something magnificent.  With just a small amount of planning and research, you can have a botanical paradise and more importantly, a safe haven for you and your loved ones when storms rage. 

You can revamp your shelter into several different things. If you choose, it can be the focal point of your yard.

Adding landscaping rocks is an easy way to change the look  dramatically.  Planting flowers and shrubbery is also a great way to add beauty and color to your cellar. Any way you fix your cellar up is sure to be gorgeous!


If you don't have a great deal of room, that's okay. You can always design a layered garden around your storm shelter. Not only will it add beauty, it will also be a fantastic use of space. At a loss of what to plant? Start with Zucchini and Tomato plants. Not only do they give fruit, they also have beautiful yellow blooms. You should also consider planting  Marigolds. They act as a natural bug repellent and  lend a splash of color. 

I hope these tips have inspired you to get out there and make your storm shelter charming!  It's totally worth it.

Happy Planting!

Peo Kirby