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Do You Want to Host a Fantastic Outdoor Party?

   It’s warming up around here and I bet you can’t wait to host a outdoor party  at your house but just need a few finishing touches. The easiest and quickest way to bring a huge wow factor to your party is the addition of a pavilion or pergola to your back yard. Just string a few lights up and some tiki torches and you’ve almost gotten yourself a party!



1.  Play some snappy tunes to get everyone relaxed and enjoying the party. Whether you are a classic rock kind of person or enjoy todays greatest hits you cannot go wrong with a music playlist! It sets the mood and helps drown out Uncle Hershel's ramblings.

2. Ok. So you want to have a party? Spice it up! Take it to the next level with a theme. There are so many things you can do with this. 70's theme, Dress as your favorite character, all white party. The list could go on and on. Dressing up definitely adds to the party's fun atmosphere!

3. Like I mentioned before, decorating is a cinch. Throw some stringed lights up, set out plenty of chairs, and don't forget to provide bug spray for your guests!

4. Create a place for the kids to play. Whether a sand box, a small swimming pool, or sidewalk chalk, it is always a great idea to keep those kids busy.

5. I bet you can’t wait to sink your teeth into a juicy burger. Make sure to have plenty of burgers, hot links, and potato salad to go around. Go ahead and check your propane before the party starts. Nothing ruins a party faster than your propane going out before the burgers are done cooking.

Happy Outdoor Parties!

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